The making of a 3rd world country

You see it all the time in third world countries. Doctors from around the world coming together, giving up their own time, providing health, dental and eye care to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to any care at all.

What you don’t expect is to see the same thing occuring in the US, especially in a big metropolitan city, but that is exactly what occurred in Los Angeles this month. Thousands of people jamming the Forum to receive needed medical treatments, they could not otherwise obtain, due to obstacles set up under our current health care system to exclude them.

Now I admit I am a dyed in the wool, bleeding heart liberal, but that shouldn’t make any difference. With all it’s wealth, the United States is still singular among developed nations, in its unwillingness to provide even for the most basic necessities of life to all its citizens?

It speaks volumes to what the US really stands for, and is the perfect example of the moral depravity, selfishness, and the complete lack of compassion and respect displayed by so many of our political leaders, as well as many others in this country, to the less fortunate.

It’s an utter disgrace, when supposedly the richest and most powerful nation in the world forsakes its most vulnerable citizens, and starts looking and acting like a third world country.

Is that the kind of country that deserves respect around the world? Are those the kind of values this country was founded upon?

I don’t think so, and it’s definitely not the kind of values I was taught when I was growing up!


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