Can you imagine what would happen, if no one in America ever had to worry about going broke to pay for treatment in this country? What would that do to bankruptcy lawyers?

Can you imagine if everyone had government run health insurance, like Medicare provided to seniors, where you can literally choose your own doctor, and not be restricted to a list of doctors provided by your private health insurer, who have agreed to work for substandard reimbursements? People might actually get better care.

Can you imagine having a government bureaucrat, instead of a for-profit health insurance crony, whose compensation and job security are not dependent upon them denying coverage, and rationing care, coming between doctor patient decisions? Patients might actually get the care they contracted to receive.

Can you imagine if health insurers actually had to provide health insurance to sick people, and have to pay for their care? That would just devastate health insurance profits, and share holder value. Gone will be all the lavish offices, expensive trips to exotic destinations, and huge executive salaries. Oh, and let’s not forget those large contributions to our elected representatives election campaigns.

We just can’t have that. Businesses are in business to make a profit, and nothing else. Providing a product or service is only a way to make that endeavor seem legitimate. It’s ancillary to the real goal of increasing share holder value. And they can’t do that if they have to play fare and comply with specific regulations. That’s just not how free markets work best.

And since when do we start putting the interest of the down trodden and less fortunate in front of our own? If people get sick, and they can’t afford to pay for their care, why should that be my responsibility? Maybe they’ll think twice before renting that apartment, or buying food.

Hey, I like the system just the way it is, after all it’s working for me.

Save free market health insurance. It’s the American way.



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