The defeat of Obamacare

It looks like we are on the verge of defeating Obamacare, and it couldn’t come any time too soon.

Preventing the possible government take over of health care, and such ingrained institutions as Medicare and the Veterans Administration, is what we have been fighting for these last several months.

But we can’t stop now! The democrats, inspired by the death of Ted Kennedy, are trying to strike back with new lies and distortions which could spell the death knell for the private for-profit health insurance industry, which has help create the finest health care system in the free world.

We know the truth. We know that socialist health care systems around the world, ration care to all those over 60 years old, have excessively long waiting times (in many cases more than a year for cancer treatments), have fewer hospital beds and health care professionals, and don’t have the advanced medical diagnostic equipment available in the US which can only be provided when markets are allowed to remain free, and out of government control.

Don’t be misled by the lies and distortions that will be presented by those trying to shape a Socialist and Fascist agenda. Continue to stand steadfast in your opposition, and we will prevail.

NOTE: This has been a paid advertisement by the Private Health Insurance Alliance (PHIA)

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