Why Republicans have been so effective

Because when confronted with the truth, and the lack of an adequate response, Republicans have an uncanny ability to shift the subject in a completely different direction, and the Democrats have the uncanny ability of falling into that trap, and losing sight of the issues at hand.Last week, I posted on one of my many other blogs, how it was about time someone on the left, Alan Grayson to be specific, finally grew a pair of cojones, and told it like it was about the Republican position on health care.

The only response I got, from a right wing ideologue with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo [he sales health insurance], was to be accused of being anti-Semitic, which if you knew me even a little, would know nothing could be further from the truth.

But that’s what the Republicans do so well. When they have no response to the truth, they change the subject, and in this case accuse Alan Grayson of being anti-Semitic.

And the Dems fall right into the trap. Barney Frank says Senator Grayson was out of line, and Nancy Pelosi makes some wishy washy statement about how we should all apologize, as if the name calling directed at the President by Joe Wilson was at all similar. And all the discussion goes away.

Let’s not go down this path, and fall into the trap set by the Republicans, while we watch more and more people die because of the reprehensible policies of the US health insurance industry, and a health care system which favors big business over the needs and desires of the populace.

Grow some cojones Democrats!


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