A poll for the day

I recently commented on a story over at Marketwatch.com, about health care and what people need.

One of the replies I received to my comment was about the amount of taxes people pay in France in order to get universal health care/insurance, and that person ended with the comment

better to be unemployed and collect 100% of salary than working and taking home 50%

[Now assuming my unemployment was equal to 50% of my salary, it never ran out, and I didn’t have to pay taxes on the unemployment, I might agree, but in the US the latter two points are not true, and it is unlikely the first is as well.]

Anywaze, my comment back was

Actually it’s better to take home 50% of wages and not have to pay the other 50% for health insurance, and then still have to worry about losing the 50% you took home when you get sick.

So I thought I’d put the question to a vote and see.

Click on Which is better? to vote.


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