Why are conservatives such lowlifes?

Why do conservatives have so little compassion for their fellow man?

Why do conservatives think if you’re not successful, it’s your own fault, giving no thought to the different environments where individuals were brought up, access to quality schools and higher education, and just inherent differences in every individuals ability to learn, and succeed?

Why is it conservatives believe if you get sick that is also your fault, and if you just led a healthy lifestyle no one would every get sick?

And why do conservatives believe the life of an unborn fetus is more sacred then that of the living, even including the mother when the birth threatens her life?

Where is the justification for these beliefs? Did Jesus tell us we should forsake the living for the unborn? Does the bible tell us we shouldn’t care about the plight of others?

Inquiring minds want to know!



  1. You probably want to write “lowlifes” as one word there.
    Also, you seem to have confused actual conservatives with the classical liberals who masquerade as “conservative” in the US these days.

    • I’m not confused. I know the difference. A rose by any other name will stink just the same.

      I wouldn’t expect anything else from a conservative. When confronted with their abhorrent behavior and actions, conservatives always try to rationalize that behavior away.

      It still doesn’t change the fact you’re all lowlifes.

      • That’s the point, though – it’s not a matter of “a rose by any other name,” and you clearly don’t know the difference.
        Right-liberals (which are labeled “conservatives” in the US) take their ideas from John Locke, Thomas Paine, Adam Smith, Stuart Mill, Austrian and Chicago School economics, and Milton Friedman. Conservatives such as myself take their ideas from Aristotle, St. Augustine, Edmund Burke, Joseph de Maistre (the guy in my avatar), Louis de Bonald, Juan Donoso Cortés, Carl Schmitt, Eric Voegelin, and Roger Scruton. Their ideas are completely different, and often completely opposed – for instance, unlike most Republicans I actually think Obamacare, which seems to be the focal point of your blog, is largely a good idea.
        Incidentally, you still haven’t changed “low lifes” to “lowlifes.”

  2. Then I apologize rkirk. I’ll admit, there are some conservatives who do have compassion for their fellow man.

    I never really doubted that, but it seems they’re about as inept at getting their message across as are the Democrats.

    And BTW, I fixed lowlifes!

  3. You know, even though I am more of a liberal on the whole, I identify with conservatives from a fiscal standpoint so I think I can answer at least the first question… “Why do conservatives have so little compassion for their fellow man?” and my answer to that is while I don’t often believe in many public social programs it is definitely NOT because I have little compassion for my fellow man. It is because I believe in a system with more social programs run privately we would do better and thus be more able to take care of our fellow men.

  4. Social programs run privately. WOW, now there’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one.

    Are you talking about more programs like the thousands of different charities already in existence in the country, which take peoples money then [in many cases] end up spending more on administrative expenses then the current health insurance industry?

    So how are those current organizations doing to help everyone in need in this country? I suppose if we just add a few more, all our problems will be solved?

    And how will these additional programs get funding? Will the government require people to tithe their salary to them, or will they simply depend on donations from people like you?

    How much are you willing to give to help support these privately run social programs?

    You know, simply feeling sorry for someone, doesn’t mean you have compassion for them. If you’re not willing to act on those feelings, and do something to change the plight of the less fortunate, then you’re no better than the conservative lowlife’s who consider health care a commodity, and if you can’t afford it, you should just be told to die.

  5. I am not saying not to impose more regulations on those private programs, as well as additional incentives to start more, but the government administration costs are much higher. And public programs are often just not as good as private, perhaps because they are more focused. The social system that is run right now is a mess, and many people stay on these programs just so they don’t have to work. Believe me I have seen it first hand.

    As for the government requiring donations, I do not agree with that but I do think that some really good looking incentives should be in place so that people do. You can make it so the system works well without force, and that way the people get to choose.

    When it comes to public health care, I agree with some of the bill…like requiring people to get insurance. That is the only intelligent thing to do when you can’t turn someone away from the emergency room (which you shouldn’t)

    Unless you are on your own two feet you are not in a position to help anyone else. And it just is not responsible to spend other peoples money when everyone is in debt. People need to be encouraged to take responsibility, and that is not happening. If we are stronger individuals we will become a stronger country.

  6. And it just is not responsible to spend other peoples money when everyone is in debt

    But it’s responsible to require tax dollars to be used to pay for the health insurance of our elected representatives and all government workers (tax dollars that I contribute), but when it comes to paying for my health insurance there aren’t enough tax dollars.

    Some things the government does better than others can do. You don’t hear anybody complaining about Medicare, now do you?

    And whether medicare is broke or not, is more a matter of the fact it isn’t properly funded. If we wouldn’t be spending $100 billion per year fighting two wars, and weren’t draining 20% of our health care dollars out of the health care system and handing it over to for-profit health insurers there would be plenty of money to provide health care to everyone.

    And it just is not responsible to spend other peoples money when everyone is in debt. People need to be encouraged to take responsibility, and that is not happening.

    Yep there it is, the right wing neo con talking point. If you get sick or can’t afford to pay for your own care it’s your fault, and I shouldn’t be responsible to pay for it.

    As long as I got mine, who give a rat’s ass about anyone else.

    Your true colors just showed through!

  7. I just think if you have too many people on the roof it can collapse- I believe in helping others but being sensible about it so that we are in a position to help others. There are programs for people who really need assistance- like medicare. The rest need to manage their money better or lower their cost of living until we can afford to put something in place.

    I do agree with your point on the wars, though. We would be able to help a lot more people if we had never gone to war in the first place…and should have done that when we were in a position to.

  8. You have to make me laugh, but then again most right wing ideologues do just that with their self serving mantra.

    The rest need to manage their money better or lower their cost of living until we can afford to put something in place

    That’s mighty white of you. Everyone else should lower their cost of living, so you won’t have to. Yeah you care about your fellow man, as long as it doesn’t interfere with you way of life or living standard. How do propose people living on minimum wage go about accomplishing that?

    You think they’re all living in mansions, having filet mignon for dinner every night, and spending all their money on wide screen TV’s and fancy Cadillacs, then going to the emergency room when they need care?

    I guess they could move into a smaller house/apartment, and give up their car and take the bus. How about they eat more pastas, eliminate vegetables and red meat, making them even unhealthier than they already are.

    Like I said before, if it makes you feel better to rationalize your selfish attitude, then go for it. It doesn’t change who you are, and it certainly doesn’t make you a compassionate person.

    Keep in mind the money is already being spent to provide health care to everyone in this country. The problem is most of us are paying for it via higher health insurance premiums (the hidden tax), and reduced health care services.

    The cost to insure everyone in this country would be no more than we’re spending now, if we would just get the health insurance industry (which drains 20% of the health care dollars out of health care) out of the mix, and make everyone pay according to their ability via a VAT, a tax on gasoline or other similar tax. Everyone uses some services and would contribute, and the ones who spend the most (make the most money) would pay the most.

    I’ll bet you’re against that though, as you think you might have to pay more, and how regressive it would be on all those poor people [another right wing distortion]. In reality you would likely likely be paying less, because now even the poor and those who aren’t contributing anything [yet still benefiting from the system] would finally be contributing their share.

    And just think, health care providers could finally start thinking about the care they provide, instead of worrying about how their going to get paid for all the uncompensated services they now have to provide.

    The current system us unsustainable. As health insurance premiums keep rising, fewer and fewer people will be able to afford care, forcing more people on the government dole, and making health insurance unaffordable for the vast majority of people.

    The system will implode. The only question is when!

  9. Um, everyone should lower their cost of living so I don’t have to? Actually, I severely lower my cost of living to pay for my extremely expensive health insurance, because my family’s health is more important than the extra luxuries. I am okay with paying my healthcare bills, I don’t feel like doctors and hospitals owe me anything and have to treat me for free. If my income was so low I could not afford it I would be at poverty level and go on medicaid/medicare. Anything higher than that, then yes, move to a smaller apartment so that you can take care of yourself properly. Money doesn’t grow on trees- I work ridiculously hard for mine and don’t see why I should have to pay a higher percentage for people who don’t know how to. That does not include people not able, because I believe social programs should be in place for those, as they are.

    And because I don’t want to dig into the medi-care and cut programs to pay for a middle class that has the ability to pay for themselves, does not make me less compassionate. There are programs for the elderly and poor being CUT to pay for people that can’t take responsibility for themselves. So, no, that doesn’t make me selfish- it makes YOU selfish.

    And I am not right wing, stop trying to classify me – I can actually think for myself and discuss a subject at hand without having to resort to name calling.

    I am not suggesting you take the bus to work. Oh, no. I am suggesting you WALK. Ride your bike. Maybe then you would actually be able to lower your health insurance costs, become healthy, and pollute our planet less. Try improvising. Oh, but wait, that takes brain power and it is just so much easier to blame things on everyone else. 🙂

  10. OK, let me see if I can put this discussion to rest.

    You think of health care as a commodity (much like getting your car fixed) distributed based on the ability to pay.

    I think of it as a social service distributed based on need.

    And there in lies the difference.

    You can rationalize all you want, about how you’ve made sacrifices to be able to afford your health care. You can rationalize all you want about how sick people brought about their illnesses on themselves by not leading a healthy lifestyle.

    You can talk about all the programs that are out there for the poor which [in case you don’t read the news] are going away under the premise, the country can longer afford to provide health care to everyone.

    It doesn’t change the fact you and many others like you, don’t care about people who get sick and can’t afford health care. As far as you’re concerned if they can’t afford it, it’s their fault and it’s not your responsibility. They should just be told to “die quickly”.

    That’s easy to do when you’re young and healthy. It’s easy to do when you’re not the one being denied care. It’s also easy to do when you can afford to purchase health insurance, or have a company that provides it for you.

    It doesn’t change who you are, or make you a better person, but if it makes you sleep better………..

  11. Call me a bad person all you want but I would not mind medicaid being expanded for those who really can’t afford it. I do not mind greater restrictions being imposed so companies can’t deny anyone and charge an arm and a leg or deny someone with a pre-existing condition. I just don’t like everyone having to pay for a middle class that doesn’t know how to improvise with their finances- complaining about healthcare but taking vacations and buying new cars, etc. People need to get their priorities straight. I have a problem with people who CAN afford health care that just don’t want to spend money on it, thinking everything in life comes free.

  12. I have a problem with people who CAN afford health care that just don’t want to spend money on it, thinking everything in life comes free.

    And I have a problem with that as well. And it’s exactly why the US health care system is a failed system, and simply building on it will only make things worse.

    Relying on a system that provides for the care of everyone, but only requires a few to pay for it, is not functional

    The only answer is to have a system, such as Medicare, where everyone is automatically enrolled and it is paid for by tax payer dollars. The best form being with a value added tax, or tax on gasoline. IOW, a tax on something everyone uses.

    And those who don’t want to pay their share, can still opt out, by not purchasing anything, and/or not driving a car.

    Some people may not like that, especially the health insurers, and some may even call it socialized medicine, but it works well in every other OECD country in the world, and while there are definitely complaints within those systems, they are far fewer, and of much lesser consequence than the complaints generated by the US health care system.

    It’s high time the American public smarten up, and stop listening to all the naysayers and special interests, and come to the realization they are only cutting their own throats by maintaining the current system.

    If we don’t, and if we don’t do it soon, the entire system will eventually collapse. It’s only a matter of time. And there isn’t much of that precious commodity [time] left.

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