What health care reform

When are we going to come to the realization that none of the health care proposals before congress right now are reform.

For once maybe the republicans have it right. Not that the republicans want any kind of reform (their idea of reform is to kill off the poor, the sick and the elderly more quickly), at least they recognize what is going on now will only exacerbate the current health care crisis.

There is only one solution, and that is to nationalize health care. Now I realize that is an anathema to many in this country, but for me, I see it as the only answer, and the best solution.

By nationalizing health care we immediately eliminate all the fraud and waste in the current system, as health care providers are paid a fixed fee for providing services to everyone.

There is no more money being sucked out of health care, by greedy health insurance companies, who operate in a manner contrary to the public good, and it removes the administrative burden of being paid from the health care providers, so they can concentrate more on providing quality health care, and not unnecessary care. Any profits derived by the health care providers will be used to hire and train more doctors and health care professionals, and to purchase new and improved diagnostic equipment.

The savings will be instant, and will be dramatic.

And all this can be easily financed by a sales tax (VAT) on all products produced, so that everyone contributes to the system. No one gets a free ride any more, and those who purchase the most (the wealthiest) will contribute a greater proportion of the cost. And if you don’t like paying the tax, just not buy anything. Save or invest it, which in the long run will be a boon to the economy (which the republicans would love).

It will also dramatically reduce the cost to business by removing the burden for providing health care from the backs of businesses (including workman’s comp insurance) which reduces competitiveness with overseas businesses where health care is nationalized.

It’s a win win for everyone, and anything less is not reform. It’s simply more of the same, and we need to come to that realization soon, before the current system bankrupts this country.


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