And there in lies the problem

….defending their health care votes, from the LA Times

Carol Verberg, 61, a retired medical records clerk, ………………… when it comes to healthcare, she isn’t sure. “I just don’t know that much about it,” she said. “I have to see how it affects me. I don’t care about anybody else. I want my same insurance, but I want the premiums to go down.”

Carol Verberg couldn’t give a damn about about anyone else. She only cares how it affects her. If others should die or be forced into bankruptcy, it’s not her problem.

As long as we continue that selfish “it’s all about me” attitude, the hatred, animosity and vindictiveness will continue and grow, and in the end we will all suffer, including the Carol Verberg’s of the world.

But at least she admits it, unlike so many others who hide behind a veil of compassion.


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