Can the financial industry really be called an “industry”?

Now that Wall Street and the financial pundits have been exposed for what they really are [crooks], I wonder how they’ll all spin this whole Goldman Sachs scam? Will they continue lobbying to block any attempts to regulated the financial industry?

I don’t even understand why we feel it necessary to protect this industry [if that’s what you want to call it].

How does transferring money around, from one hand to the other, improve the quality of life for me or other Americans?

Does it help make safer and more fuel efficient vehicles? Does it develop new drugs and treatments to prevent and cure diseases? Does it get us through the airport more quickly, and make us feel safer?

Or is this just another form of gambling with the mafia in control, but instead of holding titles like Capofamiglia, Sotto capo, Consigliere, or soldier, they have more legitimate sounding titles like CEO, President, Corporate Counsel, and associate.

Hopefully this will be a wake up call for all Americans, and we finally realize if you don’t produce anything of value, you don’t get anything in return.


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