Drill baby drill

Nothing should be more evident now, after the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico last week, that the US needs more than ever to expand oil drilling within the United States, including along it’s coastlines.

There are over 5,000 barrels of oil being lost everyday due to this disaster, and everyday this continues, our dependency on foreign oil increases, which will eventually lead to greater increases in oil prices [and gasoline prices], and even lead to shortages, devastating our domestic economy.

Unless the US starts opening up more off shore sites we risk another financial collapse of a magnitude never before seen, especially if another disaster of this magnitude occurs. Only by increasing the number of drilling rigs, can we reduce the odds that any one disaster can have such a devastating effect.

Sarah Palin certainly understands the necessity to expand US drilling capacity.

It’s just a matter of determining what went wrong in this case, and fix it. The oil industry has always been at the forefront in doing everything possible to ensure drilling safety. For the drillers, nothing is more important than protecting the environment.

And if we can’t trust the oil industry to do the right thing, just who can we trust?



  1. Absolutely! Didn’t you read my post.

    Look how much oil we are losing. That is making us more dependent on foreign oil, and the only way to make up for it is to drill more.

    Sure there might be another disaster, but if we have enough extra capacity, we won’t have to be concerned about the current spill.

    Let’s be practical here. The concerns about this disaster aren’t the ecological effects, it’s the fact our oil and gasoline prices are going to rise because of the decreased supply of oil.

    Nothing is more important than energy in this country. If a few alligators, or other inconsequential wildlife should suffer or die, what’s the big deal. This whole ecological thing is just a nonsense perpetuated by a few do gooders, who are more concerned with a few animals than the citizens of the US.

    Ask anyone in the heartland of the US, and I’m sure they’ll all tell you to “Drill baby, drill”

    • It’s about a lot more than just a few alligators. If you research the effects of the oil spill, you’ll discover that the spill actually affects human health and food sources. It’s not just about the environmental “do-gooders.” There’s a lot more to it than that. Additionally, the cost of the clean up is extraordinary.

      Instead of “drill, baby, drill,” we should be investing money and resources into alternative energy sources. Oil is just a band-aid for the here and now, afterall. It’s time to think bigger, and more importantly act bigger.

      “Drill, baby, drill” is esentially backward thinking. It may help in the short-term but not the long-term. The people who really want to solve this problem will focus on more than just oil. If anything, I’d agree that we need oil sources now but only if we are simultaneously investing in the energy sources of the future to mitigate our dependence on oil.

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