Poor British Petroleum

It’s a shame the US, especially the Obama administration, has taken such an adversarial stand against British Petroleum (BP).

BP has been doing everything in its power to reduce the US dependency on foreign oil, at great expense I might add, and it’s unAmerican to be treating BP like we have. The calamity in the Gulf was an accident, and accidents happen. It’s a fact of life.

Certainly the results of this calamity are dire, and the effects will linger for many years, but there is no reason for concern. Oil is a natural occurrence on earth, and compared to the amount of water in the Gulf, the amount of oil being spilled is minuscule.

The Gulf will recover!

And on the bright side this is really a blessing in disguise, as we can now increase drilling in the Gulf with little fear that another catastrophic event will create any additional harm to the environment.

Rather then condemning BP, we should be praising them, and thanking them for their past actions in delivering oil to the US.


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