Medicare’s eventual demise

I hope all you senior citizens are happy, after your ill informed tirades against health care reform last year, spurred on by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and all the other uncaring, antagonistic, hate spewing right wing [Teabagger] politicians.

Again Congress has missed the deadline for fixing the Medicare physician pay schedule, due to be cut by 21%. And if something isn’t done to fix this permanently soon, we’ll start seeing even more doctors dropping Medicare patients.

The really surprising and even ironic thing is when it comes to funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and paying for the health insurance/care of our politicians and government employees, there’s always plenty of OUR TAX DOLLARS to spare. There just isn’t enough money when it comes to helping the most vulnerable in society.

Just what does that say about the US?

When will the people of this country finally wake up. Republicans ARE NOT our friends. They’re not looking out for our best interest or the countries. Their only concern is for their own well being, and how best to increase their political power by deceiving a very gullible and naive public.


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