America: The WORST country in the world

It pains me to see what them United States has become.

Once we were a country of compassionate and reasonable individuals, who recognized the plight of the less fortunate, and tried to help. Now we take every opportunity to exploit the misfortunes of others, by attempting to expand our influence, and impose our sense of morality and values on those people.

Once the education system in the US was the envy of the world, turning out the top engineers, scientists, doctors, etc. around the world. Now our education system is turning out a generation of idiots, unable to think for themselves, and we import all our engineers, scientists and doctors from India and China.

Once our manufacturing prowess was a model for the world. Now we have transferred all that manufacturing know how overseas to countries like India and China, and import virtually everything we consume.

Even our health care system, once considered the place to come for the best doctors and latest treatments, has now been over run by profiteers, that see patients only as profit centers from which money can be extracted. Doctors and health care providers regularly order unnecessary tests, perform unnecessary procedures, and prescribe unneeded medications, not, as some would have you believe, to prevent lawsuits, but simply because they get paid to do so.

Even worse [as if that isn’t bad enough], the hatred, bigotry, fear and derisiveness espoused by many of our political leaders and others in influential positions, directed at a gullible, naive public, and aimed at certain members of our society has risen to a level it is jeopardizing the pure fabric of this country.

The level of self righteousness and arrogance displayed by our leaders is beyond comprehension. No longer do they consider the plight of others, but now are only concerned with what serves their own self interests and those of their benefactors.

The United States has become a hateful country led by the likes of of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and many others.

The US is a country I no longer believe in. It is a country I would prefer not to live in, and would gladly leave if the opportunity were afforded me.


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