Don’t do it Mr. President!

Don’t give in on your principles. Don’t give in to the Republicans and Tea Baggers, by extending tax cuts to the wealthy. They’ll only use it against you when the budget deficit increases, and force you into making greater cuts to social programs. It’s a win-win situation for them, and a lose-lose for you. It’s time to use their extremism against them.

The American public has been misled and lied to long enough. It’s time to put politics aside. Forget about being expedient. It’s time to fight for what’s right. It’s time to fight for the majority of Americans (the 97% who make under $250,000/year), and for middle class Americans [what’s left of them], rather than the “banksters” and extremists who have tried so hard to destroy the American dream.

Instead of giving in to the Republicans on taxes, let them expire for everyone.

If the Republicans and Tea Baggers still don’t want to compromise, then paint them as the party of the rich. Paint them fiscally irresponsible for adding to the deficit by promoting tax cuts for the elite and super rich, at the expense of working class Americans. Paint them as extremists who would compromise on their principles, and balance the budget on the backs of the poor, the sick and the elderly, rather than offend their rich benefactors.

And if the majority of Americans [the 97%] still disagree with you, and would rather see cuts to popular government programs just so the super rich and the well off can get a tax break, so be it. They can vote more Republicans and Tea Baggers into office in 2012.

And don’t give in on health care either. Instead, go even further, push for single payer health care, or Medicare for all. If the Republicans and Tea Baggers want to continue promoting health care as a privilege, claiming it costs too much to provide care to everyone in the US, and the American public would rather see cuts to Medicare, and others go without proper health care, or go bankrupt in the process, so be it.

Paint the Republicans and Tea Baggers as uncaring, and having little, if any, compassion for their fellow man, who would rather spend billions of dollars imposing their sense of morality on the rest of the world, while killing and maiming countless young Americans in the process, instead of helping average Americans.

And if that’s what the majority of Americans still disagree with you, they can vote more Republicans and Tea Baggers into office in 2012.

When I voted for you in 2008, you said you’d fight for the little guy, the middle class. It’s why I voted for you then, and it’s why I’ll vote for you again even if you don’t heed my advice. I truly believe that’s your desire. I just haven’t seen you do much fighting over these past 2 years.

I’ve heard you, and others close to you, claim you haven’t gotten your message across, well then what better time than now to do just that. Start living up to your campaign promises

And what better way to cement your legacy as President, bringing about real change, by unmasking the true agenda of the Republicans and Tea Baggers, and paint the Mitch McConnell’s and Darryl Isis’s for who they really are, power grubbing individuals who have zero concern for real Americans, who are only looking out for themselves and their elitist benefactors, and whose only agenda is to make you look bad, and destroy your presidency rather than helping the American public.

Don’t fall into their trap Mr President!

There’s more to being a great president, then being reelected to a second term. A great president wouldn’t do that, when they know it’s the right thing to do. Let history be your judge Mr President, not the lunatic fringe element in our society.


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