Goodbye Michelle Bachmann

To bastardize a statement by Rush Limbaugh,

“I think we should kill all the [conservatives and Tea Party activists], except for one, as a constant reminder of what [self serving, heartless, lowlife, scumbags] they really are”.

Now I wouldn’t be as crass as Rush Limbaugh, and call for anyone’s assassination, but when I think about Michelle Bachmann’s proposal to cut veterans disability and health care benefits I certainly have to think twice about it.

Here’s a woman who has no qualms sending the bravest of Americans into harms way [and many to their death], while at the same time has no problem cutting their benefits just so she can make a point. It doesn’t take much imagination to see her true colors, and what she really stands for.

I sure hope the people of Minnesota wake up soon to the type of representative they have elected in Michelle Bachmann. She’s not on their side, or anybody’s side for that matter. She’s actually more like the health insurance industry. Deny them the benefits you promised, and then hope they die before you have to pay them anything.

Michelle Bachmann is the worst kind of American! Michelle Bachmann is the worst kind of person!


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