Occupy Wall Street and why we’re fed up

While it’s good the press is finally recognizing the Occupy Wall Street movement, it’s too bad they’re only goal now is to discredit the movement, and paint the participants as nothing more than hippies, ill informed and anti American. But should you expect anything different from news organizations that are no longer interested in reporting the truth, and exposing the lies and corruption at the highest echelons of our government, but instead are only looking for ratings?

Admittedly not enough had been done to spread the word, with a single voice in clear, succinct terms, but that is changing, and I’m here to change it.

  1. We’re tired of a government that is bought and paid for by big business, and only looks out for their best interests instead of the interests of the people.
  2. We’re tired of banking system that places a higher regard for, and puts more resources in the hands of its trading desk than it does on its core business of lending money to individuals for the purpose of purchasing homes or automobiles, or entrepreneurs who might start business that will employ people, and enhance the lives of all Americans. We can all thank our politicians and the repeal of Glass-Steagall (see #1 above) for that.
  3. We’re tired of trade policies that favor our competitors, and encourage the transfer of good paying American jobs overseas to countries that exploit their population by paying slave wages.
  4. We’re tired of a government that willingly spends over a $100,000,000 a year for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the funding to build up the infrastructures in those countries, while our infrastructure crumbles, and our only solution is to cut social security and medicare.
  5. We’re tired of a health care system that that has been hijacked by profiteers who care less about the health of patients than they do about the payments they can extract. We’re tired of a health care system designed to control the population by tying it to employment. A health care system that leaves the poor and most vulnerable in society with care that is inferior to that given to the more fortunate in society.

There used to be a time when the US cared about the plight of the less fortunate and the exploited. There used to be a time when the wealth of this country was measured by its productive capacity, and the high standard of living of its citizens. Now everything is only measured in terms of dollars and cents, and we’re tired of it.


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  1. I agree. we need to change the system by getting out there and voting. We have to support one another and not be so selfish in this life. Too, many people are out for themselves and not caring that their decisions are causing suffering. It is all about making money for the stockholders.

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