Freedom of religion means freedom from religion

Why are Democrats so timid? Why can’t [won’t] they defend the policies they support? Why do Democrats always let Republicans distort their positions, and never respond in kind? It’s always the same, and I’m tired of it!

It’s no wonder so many people are so easily swayed, and have so much trouble separating facts from the lies and distortions.

And this latest directive by the Obama administration, requiring all health insurance policies to cover contraception, is the perfect example.

It’s not an attack on religious freedom, as Republicans claim, to require health insurance policies, even for employees of religious organizations, to cover contraception, and protect the reproductive rights of women. It’s an act of religious freedom to require it.

By opposing this action, the Republicans are doing exactly what they claim Democrats are doing, and that is trying to restrict the religious freedom of Americans. What right does the Catholic Church, the Republican party, or right wing evangelical groups have to impose their religious values and beliefs on others? There’s nothing in the constitution allowing such actions, and that sure isn’t what our founding fathers meant when they talked about religious freedom.

It’s time the Democrats started standing up for their beliefs, and telling things like they really are. It’s time the Democrats started pointing out the real agenda of Republicans which is to create a theocratic state, and impose their religious values and beliefs on everyone. [All you have to do is listen to Rick Santorum to know how true that is!]

Remember, freedom of religion also means freedom from religion.


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