It’s not called for-profit health care for nothing!

I’ve been told on occasion by a doctor friend of mine, when I’ve informed him how lousy I’m feeling, that I should take an anti-depressant. Well, for those of you who don’t know me, I have always staunchly refused to do so, not because I didn’t think they worked (I really couldn’t say one way or the other), but because I felt it wasn’t necessary, could do more harm than good, and I could deal with such feelings better without them.

And after watching last nights 60 Minutes, I feel vindicated in that belief. There now appears to be some evidence not only supporting my belief, but also casting doubts on the efficacy of anti-depressant drugs.

But why this should come as a surprise to anyone is beyond me.

I have always preached on the ineffectiveness of vitamins and supplements, and how you can’t boost your immune system. I’ve always believed it is simply a scam perpetrated by the vitamin and supplement industry to separate you from your hard earned money.Everything you need to maintain proper health and nutrition is available in it’s natural state.

So why should drugs be any different?

In a ‘for-profit’ health care system, with so much money involved, and so much time to bring new drugs to market, there will always be the incentive to skew results in the pharmaceutical industry’s favor, highlighting the good results, and sweeping the bad results under the carpet.

So it’s not surprising, the pharmaceutical industry is fighting tooth and nail to dispel the [compelling] research of Dr. Kirsch, after all this is an $11.3 billion industry, and could put a serious crimp in the profits of the pharmaceutical industry. But regardless of the final outcome, this should be a wake up call, and a learning lesson to everyone.

BE SKEPTICAL OF EVERYTHING! (And not just in the health care arena.) Don’t be fooled by special interests, who appear authentic and concerned, but are truly only looking out for their best interests, and their bottom lines.


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