A headline for the ages


From Anesthesiology News:

Between patient no-shows and cancellations on the day of surgery, hospitals are losing millions in revenue each year, researchers have found…….

Astonishing isn’t it! I might have even been appalled if I weren’t so disgusted.

Nowhere in the article is there any discussion of the possible harm to patients due to missed surgeries. Nowhere is there any discussion of why patients may have cancelled, e.g. cost to the patient in terms of missed work and/or lost wages.

Based on this article it would appear the only ones suffering here and risking harm are the health care providers.

For me, this article simply further highlight how inadequate our health care system is, and how distorted our value system has become in this country, when lost “opportunity costs” (profit) is what’s on the mind of health care providers the most.

But then again, a fee-for-service, for-profit health care system was never meant to promote concern for the patient!


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