Eric Hoffer may have said it best

In times of change, learners will inherit the earth, while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.

While the US still focuses on fighting its battles with bombs, and military personnel on the ground, the rest of the world is using far more sophisticated, and potentially more lethal weapons against its enemies, and the US.

Just think the devastation that could be caused by a few well placed cyber attacks on our financial institutions, or our energy grid. And what do you think would be the result of China or Russia blowing up a satellite put into counter cyclical orbit at 22,000 miles in space.

The results would be far more devastating to the US than any potential terrorist or military attack.

I’m not worried about any physical attacks by terrorists. The terrorists don’t need to physically attack us. All they need do is threaten an attack. We [the US] will end up destroying ourselves trying to defend against those perceived [yet non existent] threats.

Just my opinion!



  1. Yes, Yes, Like trying to Combat Global (not-there) Warming by holding your breath too long. First you don’t get any “Carbon credits” for that, and even if the whole nation did such a foolish thing, it would only slow the growth of a tree a mere micro fraction maybe. But then again, no would be around to report that bad news. As far as green-house gases are concerned, if you figure the perspective of all this, there are 3.794 Million Square miles in the whole United States. There are only 313.9 million of us Americans, (not substracting those who act UNAmerican). The Cars and electricity they use plus other gases produced all would be given a little more than 1 Square mile plus 11miles straight up and expanding as it goes up,(because the Earth is round),(unless you believe in a flat Earth along with your warm wart). That is alot of volume for such a minscule exhale. That Deadly is as deadly does.

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