Yes Virginia, there is no God

At least there isn’t a merciful and caring one.

If there were, he/she wouldn’t permit maggots like Sarah Palin, Rick Santorium, Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck to spout their hateful and derisive rhetoric.

Mostly he wouldn’t allow them to try and force their religious beliefs on everyone (and neither would have our founding fathers).

If there is a God, it is more likely he/she is a mean spirited, mischievous entity not worthy of our allegiance.



  1. Would not a merciful God let people live as they were in spite of what they have done? Is that not what mercy is? If God got rid of every maggot then could God indeed be considered merciful? Would it not make sense that the worse people are the more merciful God would need to be?

    • Good try, but wrong! Only a mean spirited, mischievous god would allow such behavior to go on without some sort of punishment. A god not worthy of our allegiance.

      Maybe I should have used the term “miscreant” instead of maggot. Maybe then the post would have made more sense to you.

      Maggots actually are of some value.

      My apologies to maggots around the world.

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