Why don’t conservatives get it?

How do you think conservatives would react to an invasion, on US soil, by a foreign power, i.e. China, Russia?

Then they [conservatives] wonder why Muslims, Arab, etc. react they way they do, when the US does just that.

Go figure!


Should we be concerned about the 5 released Gitmo prisoners?

I’m not. Not one iota.

BundyStandoffI’m much more concerned about the explosion of militia groups in the US, who believe they have the right to take the law into their own hands. I’m also concerned about the proliferation of guns in the hands of individuals, whose only intent seems to be to intimidate others, and return the US to the days of the Wild West, when everyone carried a gun, and we settled our disputes in the middle of the streets at High Noon.

But what I’m most concerned about is the support these individuals have received from the likes of the NRA and our elected representatives in congress, who rather than address the divisions building in this country, are actually flaming the fires of discontent, creating more divisive issues (where none existed before) in order to further their agenda, and destroy what has taken nearly 250 years to create.

No, I’m not concerned at all about any outside terrorist threat, when the internal threat to our safety and our well being is so real. Al Qaeda and the Taliban don’t have to attack us. All they need to do is sit back and watch as the US tears itself apart from within.

Keep the masses occupied

ImageGive ’em their iPhones, iPads, Facebooks, Snapchas, even their blogs (like this one), and the proletariat (the masses) will become so enamored, obsessed and addicted, they won’t realize how miserable their plight really is.

Who was it that said the bourgeois [elite] are out of touch?

First they placed the notions in our heads that we need to get a job, buy a home [with a big mortgage], raise a family, and build roots in a community? So that once we do, they’ll have us “by the balls”, so to speak. No longer are we free to pursue our true passions (whatever they may be), but instead, having bought into the so called “American Dream”, we’re inextricably coupled to our homes and families. So in reality, we have less freedoms, not more!

Even our health care system has been designed with that same purpose in mind. For control!

Ever wonder why businesses in the US don’t object to being burdened with the responsibility of insuring the health of their employees, rather than having that responsibility dumped on the government like the rest of the free world. It certainly would increase profits. Or would it?

And now they’ve got us hooked on our phones, our computers and all sorts of apps to occupy our minds.

It’s like when we were kids, and our parents would give us things [games, toys, etc.] to pass the time, to keep us from bothering them, so we wouldn’t realize how long and boring a trip was.

And if you’d manage to get your noses away from you smartphones, tablets, or whatever, and look around, you’d understand.

I have, and I don’t like what I’m seeing!

Yes Virginia, there is no God

At least there isn’t a merciful and caring one.

If there were, he/she wouldn’t permit maggots like Sarah Palin, Rick Santorium, Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck to spout their hateful and derisive rhetoric.

Mostly he wouldn’t allow them to try and force their religious beliefs on everyone (and neither would have our founding fathers).

If there is a God, it is more likely he/she is a mean spirited, mischievous entity not worthy of our allegiance.

In defense of Lance Armstrong

lanceFrom the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) 2013 Congress

In evaluating the overall mortality rates of French cyclists who rode in the prestigious event between 1947 and 2012, investigators found the cyclists had a 41% lower mortality rate than men in France and that this lower mortality rate was consistent over time, including periods of reported heavy performance-enhancing-drug use.

There you have it! Lance, after surviving testicular cancer, was just trying to increase his chances of a longer life.

In light of that, maybe we could all benefit from a few performance enhancing drugs, and far less war on their use.

Eric Hoffer may have said it best

In times of change, learners will inherit the earth, while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.

While the US still focuses on fighting its battles with bombs, and military personnel on the ground, the rest of the world is using far more sophisticated, and potentially more lethal weapons against its enemies, and the US.

Just think the devastation that could be caused by a few well placed cyber attacks on our financial institutions, or our energy grid. And what do you think would be the result of China or Russia blowing up a satellite put into counter cyclical orbit at 22,000 miles in space.

The results would be far more devastating to the US than any potential terrorist or military attack.

I’m not worried about any physical attacks by terrorists. The terrorists don’t need to physically attack us. All they need do is threaten an attack. We [the US] will end up destroying ourselves trying to defend against those perceived [yet non existent] threats.

Just my opinion!

Our privileged politicians

Are our elected representatives better than those who elected them?

The answer seems to be an obvious one. Yes, they must be! At least they think they’re privileged.

Why else would our political leaders force the rest of us to contribute our hard earned dollars to pay for their health insurance/care, while we are forced to go without health insurance, or forced to purchase it on our own with whatever money we have left after paying for the health insurance/care of our political leaders.

And why is that so? Is it the constitution that grants our political leaders privileged status? I sure couldn’t find it in there.

So then why should the rest of us have to go without health insurance, foregoing needed care, or even face bankruptcy trying to pay for the care we do receive, while our political leaders face none of those same concerns?

And why is it our political leaders only talk about cutting health care/insurance [and social security] for the rest of us, while excluding themselves from the same cuts.

It’s high time the rest of us stood up and demanded we get the same treatment our leaders get, and everyone whose salaries we pay.

I believe it was the Declaration of Independence which declared

all men are created equal