Why don’t conservatives get it?

How do you think conservatives would react to an invasion, on US soil, by a foreign power, i.e. China, Russia?

Then they [conservatives] wonder why Muslims, Arab, etc. react they way they do, when the US does just that.

Go figure!


Yes Virginia, there is no God

At least there isn’t a merciful and caring one.

If there were, he/she wouldn’t permit maggots like Sarah Palin, Rick Santorium, Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck to spout their hateful and derisive rhetoric.

Mostly he wouldn’t allow them to try and force their religious beliefs on everyone (and neither would have our founding fathers).

If there is a God, it is more likely he/she is a mean spirited, mischievous entity not worthy of our allegiance.

The need for guns!

Has the fabric of our society deteriorated to such a point that so many people feel there is an overriding need for everyone to carry a gun in order to feel safe?

Is the only answer to all the gun violence in this country, really to increase access to guns and reduce or eliminating gun control laws so that everyone can easily gain access to guns and rifles?

If that is so, then we have problems that transcend our political, moral and religious differences. Has the NRA become so powerful in this country that it can continue to preach it’s doctrine of more and more guns without the fear of retribution?

Please tell me why any civilized person would want to live in a country like ours, and not try to change it?

That is not the country I was born in, nor is it the country I prefer living in!

Freedom of religion means freedom from religion

Why are Democrats so timid? Why can’t [won’t] they defend the policies they support? Why do Democrats always let Republicans distort their positions, and never respond in kind? It’s always the same, and I’m tired of it!

It’s no wonder so many people are so easily swayed, and have so much trouble separating facts from the lies and distortions.

And this latest directive by the Obama administration, requiring all health insurance policies to cover contraception, is the perfect example.

It’s not an attack on religious freedom, as Republicans claim, to require health insurance policies, even for employees of religious organizations, to cover contraception, and protect the reproductive rights of women. It’s an act of religious freedom to require it.

By opposing this action, the Republicans are doing exactly what they claim Democrats are doing, and that is trying to restrict the religious freedom of Americans. What right does the Catholic Church, the Republican party, or right wing evangelical groups have to impose their religious values and beliefs on others?┬áThere’s nothing in the constitution allowing such actions, and that sure isn’t what our founding fathers meant when they talked about religious freedom.

It’s time the Democrats started standing up for their beliefs, and telling things like they really are. It’s time the Democrats started pointing out the real agenda of Republicans which is to create a theocratic state, and impose their religious values and beliefs on everyone. [All you have to do is listen to Rick Santorum to know how true that is!]

Remember, freedom of religion also means freedom from religion.

Repeal the EMTALA?

I want to know why the Republican candidates for President, and Republicans in Congress aren’t addressing the The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA)

Anyone who objects to the federal government mandating the purchase of health insurance (Republicans), sure should certainly be objecting to the federal government forcing private businesses to give away their products and services for free.

But that’s exactly what the EMTALA does. It forces health care providers to provide health care to anyone in an emergency situation, regardless of their ability to pay.

We would never think of requiring Safeway, or Kroger to provide free food to anyone. Neither would we require Ford or General Motors to provide free cars to anyone. So why do we require doctors and hospitals to provide free health care?

Now I admit to being a bleeding heart liberal, who considers health care a right, distributed according to need, rather than a privilege, distributed according to the ability to pay, but even I disagree with this law. [There shouldn’t be a need for it!]

But since the latter is how we choose to treat health care (as a privilege), then we need to address the inequities of a law that singles out one business, and forces that business to give away its services.

If nothing else, opening a dialogue on this topic should, once and for all, clearly define the type of country the US is, and the direction this country wants to take for the future.

How stupid is the American public?

The American public is so stupid, instead of demanding they receive the same health care and pension benefits as public employees [and their elected representative], they’re out there [in Wisconsin] demanding those benefits be taken away from all public employees [except their elected representatives].

The American public is so stupid, instead of demanding better schools, better roads, and improved infrastructure, they’re demanding cuts in spending for schools, roads and infrastructure.

The American public is so stupid, instead of wondering why the rich are getting richer, and they’re getting poorer, they’re out there demanding the government implement policies to make them even poorer.

Has the American public really become so stupid they can’t see what is happening in this country. Is the American public become so racist they’d rather see everybody have to struggle rather than some people get a helping hand.

I don’t get it, but then again I was raised during a time when we actually educated people, not uneducated them.

Goodbye Michelle Bachmann

To bastardize a statement by Rush Limbaugh,

“I think we should kill all the [conservatives and Tea Party activists], except for one, as a constant reminder of what [self serving, heartless, lowlife, scumbags] they really are”.

Now I wouldn’t be as crass as Rush Limbaugh, and call for anyone’s assassination, but when I think about Michelle Bachmann’s proposal to cut veterans disability and health care benefits I certainly have to think twice about it.

Here’s a woman who has no qualms sending the bravest of Americans into harms way [and many to their death], while at the same time has no problem cutting their benefits just so she can make a point. It doesn’t take much imagination to see her true colors, and what she really stands for.

I sure hope the people of Minnesota wake up soon to the type of representative they have elected in Michelle Bachmann. She’s not on their side, or anybody’s side for that matter. She’s actually more like the health insurance industry. Deny them the benefits you promised, and then hope they die before you have to pay them anything.

Michelle Bachmann is the worst kind of American! Michelle Bachmann is the worst kind of person!