Our privileged politicians

Are our elected representatives better than those who elected them?

The answer seems to be an obvious one. Yes, they must be! At least they think they’re privileged.

Why else would our political leaders force the rest of us to contribute our hard earned dollars to pay for their health insurance/care, while we are forced to go without health insurance, or forced to purchase it on our own with whatever money we have left after paying for the health insurance/care of our political leaders.

And why is that so? Is it the constitution that grants our political leaders privileged status? I sure couldn’t find it in there.

So then why should the rest of us have to go without health insurance, foregoing needed care, or even face bankruptcy trying to pay for the care we do receive, while our political leaders face none of those same concerns?

And why is it our political leaders only talk about cutting health care/insurance [and social security] for the rest of us, while excluding themselves from the same cuts.

It’s high time the rest of us stood up and demanded we get the same treatment our leaders get, and everyone whose salaries we pay.

I believe it was the Declaration of Independence which declared

all men are created equal


Most CT Scans are unnecessary

CHICAGO (Reuters) – More than half of patients receiving abdominal CT scans, an advanced type of X-ray, got them for tests they did not need, exposing them to excess radiation that could raise the long-term risk of cancer, U.S. researchers said on Monday.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison team led by Dr. Kristie Guite studied 978 CT scans of the abdomen and pelvis done on 500 patients that were sent to the university to be interpreted. They used American College of Radiology guidelines to determine whether they were appropriate.

They found that 52.2 percent of the patients were found to have had CT scans that were unnecessary. The average excess radiation dose per patient was 11.3 millisieverts, about the equivalent of 113 chest X-rays.


Some patients got a lot more radiation than others. In one in five patients, the dose was 50 millisieverts, enough to raise some concerns about health problems, Guite said. Seven of the 500 got 100 millisieverts of radiation, a level known to raise the risk of cancer.

“At the dose seen in our study, one in 1,000 patients could get a radiation-induced cancer,” Guite told the meeting.

“This could lead to up to 23,000 radiation-induced cancers per year,” she said.

Dr. Louis Hinshaw of the University of Wisconsin who worked on the study said many institutions may be doing the extra studies for good measure, or because their machines are automatically set to do them.

But he said it was possible some centers were doing the extra scans because they may get paid more for them.

So what’s the big deal? Sounds like good business practice to me.

You charge patients to have unnecessary CT scans, so you can recover some of the uncompensated and under reimbursed care you provide, while increasing the risk of cancer for those that have the tests, creating potential new sources of revenue in the future.

That’s the free market health care system at its finest!

The defeat of Obamacare

It looks like we are on the verge of defeating Obamacare, and it couldn’t come any time too soon.

Preventing the possible government take over of health care, and such ingrained institutions as Medicare and the Veterans Administration, is what we have been fighting for these last several months.

But we can’t stop now! The democrats, inspired by the death of Ted Kennedy, are trying to strike back with new lies and distortions which could spell the death knell for the private for-profit health insurance industry, which has help create the finest health care system in the free world.

We know the truth. We know that socialist health care systems around the world, ration care to all those over 60 years old, have excessively long waiting times (in many cases more than a year for cancer treatments), have fewer hospital beds and health care professionals, and don’t have the advanced medical diagnostic equipment available in the US which can only be provided when markets are allowed to remain free, and out of government control.

Don’t be misled by the lies and distortions that will be presented by those trying to shape a Socialist and Fascist agenda. Continue to stand steadfast in your opposition, and we will prevail.

NOTE: This has been a paid advertisement by the Private Health Insurance Alliance (PHIA)


Can you imagine what would happen, if no one in America ever had to worry about going broke to pay for treatment in this country? What would that do to bankruptcy lawyers?

Can you imagine if everyone had government run health insurance, like Medicare provided to seniors, where you can literally choose your own doctor, and not be restricted to a list of doctors provided by your private health insurer, who have agreed to work for substandard reimbursements? People might actually get better care.

Can you imagine having a government bureaucrat, instead of a for-profit health insurance crony, whose compensation and job security are not dependent upon them denying coverage, and rationing care, coming between doctor patient decisions? Patients might actually get the care they contracted to receive.

Can you imagine if health insurers actually had to provide health insurance to sick people, and have to pay for their care? That would just devastate health insurance profits, and share holder value. Gone will be all the lavish offices, expensive trips to exotic destinations, and huge executive salaries. Oh, and let’s not forget those large contributions to our elected representatives election campaigns.

We just can’t have that. Businesses are in business to make a profit, and nothing else. Providing a product or service is only a way to make that endeavor seem legitimate. It’s ancillary to the real goal of increasing share holder value. And they can’t do that if they have to play fare and comply with specific regulations. That’s just not how free markets work best.

And since when do we start putting the interest of the down trodden and less fortunate in front of our own? If people get sick, and they can’t afford to pay for their care, why should that be my responsibility? Maybe they’ll think twice before renting that apartment, or buying food.

Hey, I like the system just the way it is, after all it’s working for me.

Save free market health insurance. It’s the American way.


The making of a 3rd world country

You see it all the time in third world countries. Doctors from around the world coming together, giving up their own time, providing health, dental and eye care to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to any care at all.

What you don’t expect is to see the same thing occuring in the US, especially in a big metropolitan city, but that is exactly what occurred in Los Angeles this month. Thousands of people jamming the Forum to receive needed medical treatments, they could not otherwise obtain, due to obstacles set up under our current health care system to exclude them.

Now I admit I am a dyed in the wool, bleeding heart liberal, but that shouldn’t make any difference. With all it’s wealth, the United States is still singular among developed nations, in its unwillingness to provide even for the most basic necessities of life to all its citizens?

It speaks volumes to what the US really stands for, and is the perfect example of the moral depravity, selfishness, and the complete lack of compassion and respect displayed by so many of our political leaders, as well as many others in this country, to the less fortunate.

It’s an utter disgrace, when supposedly the richest and most powerful nation in the world forsakes its most vulnerable citizens, and starts looking and acting like a third world country.

Is that the kind of country that deserves respect around the world? Are those the kind of values this country was founded upon?

I don’t think so, and it’s definitely not the kind of values I was taught when I was growing up!