Yes Virginia, there is no God

At least there isn’t a merciful and caring one.

If there were, he/she wouldn’t permit maggots like Sarah Palin, Rick Santorium, Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck to spout their hateful and derisive rhetoric.

Mostly he wouldn’t allow them to try and force their religious beliefs on everyone (and neither would have our founding fathers).

If there is a God, it is more likely he/she is a mean spirited, mischievous entity not worthy of our allegiance.


Drill baby drill

Nothing should be more evident now, after the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico last week, that the US needs more than ever to expand oil drilling within the United States, including along it’s coastlines.

There are over 5,000 barrels of oil being lost everyday due to this disaster, and everyday this continues, our dependency on foreign oil increases, which will eventually lead to greater increases in oil prices [and gasoline prices], and even lead to shortages, devastating our domestic economy.

Unless the US starts opening up more off shore sites we risk another financial collapse of a magnitude never before seen, especially if another disaster of this magnitude occurs. Only by increasing the number of drilling rigs, can we reduce the odds that any one disaster can have such a devastating effect.

Sarah Palin certainly understands the necessity to expand US drilling capacity.

It’s just a matter of determining what went wrong in this case, and fix it. The oil industry has always been at the forefront in doing everything possible to ensure drilling safety. For the drillers, nothing is more important than protecting the environment.

And if we can’t trust the oil industry to do the right thing, just who can we trust?

The Nazification of America

It may not look anything like Hitler’s Germany, and no one may be calling for the annihilation of a single race, but there is no doubt the direction the right wing neocons would like to see this country move.

As long as the likes of Sarah Palin, Chuck Grassley, and Glenn Beck, are permitted to display complete utter contempt for the truth, and spew their hateful and derisive speech, then be roundly cheered by the right wing media, and a small, yet [very] vocal, ill informed, and naive group of followers, there is no doubt where this country is headed.

A person who holds and acts brutally in accordance with extreme racist or authoritarian views.

That is the definition of a Nazi, and there is no doubt in this authors mind the likes of Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Chuck Grassley, and the entire right wing, neo conservative movement represent those extreme views.

It may not be so evident at this point, but the subtleties are still there, and if the rest of us just sit back, like the Jews did in pre WWII Germany, then the US is destined for the same fate.

I just hope I’m not around to see it happen.